25 feet Sculpture of Shri Hanuman made of 26,000 bells by Charuvi Agrawal

Sculptures are the best way to define fine arts in the form of artistic pieces which is unique in conception and well executed by the expression. But what if the fine art sculptures welcome technology into it? Yes, Charuvi Agrawal did this. The Indian based artist and animated filmmaker has introduced her exclusive creation of 25 feet sculpture of Shri Hanuman made of 26,000 bells which is a unique amalgamation of art and technology and also a humble effort in depicting the depth, grandeur and the meaning of the verses.

Comprising of 26,000 bells with pearls, the sculpture is inspired by my 3d animated film on Hanuman, the icon of self-knowledge — a superhero whose power comes not from domination but from submission and service. The sculpture's form is inspired by Hanuman's magnificence, valor and the virtues.To portray the sculpture in fine distinction, bells has been used. The whole process of this artistic masterpiece starts with conceptualising the basic form with series of preliminary sketches and thereafter layers have been added digitally in a software to create the prototypes or scale down models before moving on to the piece itself. Designed in a transcending static, the sculpture is into a physical moving art form. This grand piece also mentioned in a Limca book of records.

According to Charuvi Agrawal, Founder of Charuvi Design Lab- My passion is to create intellectually and emotionally stimulating projects which are an amalgamation of art and technology and this Hanuman structure is one of the best examples of it. The sheer rendition and interpretation of Hanuman’s virtues in such a manifestation makes it unique. I was personally amazed at the emotional response of the audience irrespective of any class/creed/race towards the artwork. It’s very gratifying to witness such a connection between the work and the people experiencing it. We first made a prototype by using pearls. In the prototype, location of the bells, distance between the bells and the material to be used were all analysed and mapped. We then extrapolated this information on to a much larger canvas thereby creating the present day structure. 

About Charuvi Agrawal: With a gold medal in fine arts from Delhi College of art and Computer animation from Sheridan College from Canada, Charuvi Agrawal is a practicing visual artist in the domain of animation and fine arts. In her pursuit of creativity from Delhi College of art, she has amassed expertise in painting, sculpting and creating interactive art installations. She converted her qualification into her passion for creating intellectually and emotionally stimulating projects which are an amalgamation of art and technology. The resultant simulacrum titillates the senses and forces the mind to rethink the artwork through different perspectives. Her installations adorn spaces in collector's homes and the more aesthetic office spaces in Delhi and Mumbai. 

Recognized as one of the most creative Indians on NDTV's 'The Creative Indians', Charuvi is an artist who loves to make the world their playground of experimentation and this is the reason that she has received many accolades for her creation. She is a double Limca Book Record holder for a 25 feet sculpture made of 26,000 bells and series of a miniature caricature of contemporary politics figures titled and also facilitated in 2007 at Incredible India 60 festival in New York by Coca-cola as one of the emerging 10 who would transform the global artistic landscape. She is also known for the screening of her films at over 50 film festivals including a few Oscar qualifying ones across the world that pulled her onto the International radar. Her largest praxinoscope sculpture installation in India at the newly inaugurated Jay Prakash Narayan museum in Lucknow last year, has made the mark to the fine arts industry showing that she has her sights on virtual reality.She is also currently working on 3 unique projects besides installations and films.


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