A Word About Our Philosophy

Meri Outings now provides a unique method of expressing love and concern for your loved ones by gifting them an outing that you plan for them and silently saying that You Care For Them.

Whether you are living with your loved ones or are far apart from them, whether it is an ordinary day of the year or a festival or a special event like birthday, marriage anniversary etc. you can create a ripple of freshness in their lives by  gifting them an outing through Meri Outings and  make their day special for them.

At  Meri Outings, you have to just tell us  what you  are looking for and  we will take care of everything starting from their pickup from the residence to drop them back at the destination, including their breakfast, lunch, dinner, transportation, comfort etc. and make sure that the day becomes one of the memorable day of their life.

Team Meri Outings

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