The king of fruits arrives in the king of thali – Khandani Rajdhani!

Indian food is one of the most versatile cuisines in the world. We’ve absorbed ingredients from all over India, and made them our own. One can only imagine, then, the joy we have in adapting the country’s favourite fruit to make exotic dishes! It’s that time of the year when we savor the irresistible mango in its most delicious avatars. And no one celebrates mangoes in Indian cuisine better than the king of thali – Khandani Rajdhani!

Starting April 7, Rajdhani celebrates the 2-months long Aamlicious Festival, that celebrates the king of fruits in its most delicious forms. If you thought that the mango is restricted to aamras and shrikhand, well, think again! The experienced maharajs of Rajdhani bring with them centuries of secrets from rural kitchens of India. Watch in amazement, as you see the mango take on delicious and surprising turns in starters like Ghugra , Samosa and Tikki, Rice, Kadhi and why, even the raita!

Some of the signature mango dishes that you can have to your heart’s content at Khandani Rajdhani during the Aamlicious Festival, are:
• Kairi Cabbage Tikki
• Kairi Samosa Sabzi
• Mango Kofta Pulao
• Malabari Mango Kadhi
• Mango Pachadi
• Mango Raita
• Fajeto
• Aamrakhand
• Mango Jalebi
• Aamras
• Chatpata Kacha Kairi Muthiya
• Kaddu Kairi Ka Bharta

Please note: It’s a rotational menu with 2 to 3 items made out of raw or ripe mango each day.

Said Mr. Aji Nair, COO – F&B Division at Mirah Hospitality, “When people think of mangoes, they usually just think of aamras. But few people know how to adapt this fruit into delectable dishes! Our maharajs have curated this irresistible menu by bringing popular and rare dishes from all corners of north India. The Aamlicious Festival is definitely a highlight for us and we see a stunning response every year. There’s something in it for every person in the family. We make sure we prepare everything from fresh mangoes and do not use pre-stored pulp for any dish, ensuring that you get the taste of ripe, fresh mangoes in every bite! It’s a rotational menu with 2 to 3 items made out of raw or ripe mango everyday. It’s a delight to see a sizeable portion of your thali painted a rich golden! , thanks to the mango dishes! We insist you savour mangoes this season, the only way they should be at Khandani Rajdhani’s Aamlicious Festival!

Khandani Rajdhani is a multiple-award winning thaali brand with over 22 outlets in India, Oman & Dubai. For years, it has built a strong patronage for serving good quality, authentic pure vegetarian Indian cuisine to the world. With Khandani Rajdhani’s Aamlicious Festival announced, we can officially declare the onset of the summers! So gather your loved ones and get ready to take on the mango at Khandani Rajdhani. We’re sure there can’t be a better summer plan!

What: Aamlicious Festival at Khandani Rajdhani
Where: Across Khandani Rajdhani outlets
When: April 7, 2017 onwards

Price per thali:
Lunch- Rs 450
Dinner & Weekends-Rs 499

Price per thali: Rs 490 Inclusive of taxes

Price per thali: Rs 499 Inclusive of taxes

Price per thali:
Lunch- Rs 450
Dinner & Weekends-Rs 475 Dinner

Lunch-Rs 450
Dinner & weekends-Rs 499

Price per thali:
Weekdays – Rs 425
Weekends – Rs 450

Price per thali: Rs 499

Price per thali: Rs 399 Inclusive of taxes

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